Business Definition:

Pradesga is a Developer of high quality websites, programs, content management system, SEO and private label market in the world wide. Pradesga provide web design, logo design, company profile website, HTML-5, PHP, Desktop Applications etc. as well as allied on line and offline program to those market.

Business Purpose:

Pradesga’s purpose is to please our customers and to grow our company in this process. We will actively see out and serve the current and future needs of our customers, focusing on the continual improvement of the quality of the products and services which we provide. We place a high value on the on going education and training of all employees. We promote an open environment in which employer. Involvement and teamwork can thrive. We strive to provide our customers with more than they expect.


How we accomplish our purpose is as important as the purpose itself. These basic value are fundamental to the success of pradesga.


Our people are the source of our cooperate strength and intellegence emphasis on continual training and education are key to increasing our strength. We believe in employee involvement and teamwork as a way of life. Work life must be challenge and enjoyable.


Our customers judge us by the quality of the products and services which we provide. We believe in providing our customers with the best value for their money available in the market place. Quality is never compromised

Profits :

Profits are the measurement of how efficient we as a team are at providing our customers with the best product for their needs. Every Employee must contribute to, and benefit from the success of company

Profits are necessary for our future survival security and growth


We are all part of community. Because we take pride in our community, we are committed to involvement in and to the growth of our city and state.

We believe in sharing our talents and resources for the betterment of all.



Our Guiding Principles


Quality attracts Customers:

Quality people, product and service are what attract new customers coming back.

Quality must be the basic for every decision we make.

Customer are Why we Exist:

Customers are the focus of every things we do. Our collective efforts must produce better products and services than our competition.

Work must be fun:

We are most productive as human beings when we enjoy what we are doing. We are a team employee involvement and teamwork add to the quality of work life. We must treat each other with trust and respect.

Continuous Improvement In Product and Process:

Long term growth and survival depend on our ability to be innovative with the product we offer and our ability to continuous if improve the processes we use too produce and deliver these products. This relates to every aspect of our business

Win/win or no deal:

We believe all relationships must be mutuality beneficial if they are to be long term relationships. Relationships with employees, customers and suppliers must all be mutually beneficial.

Integrity is our image:

All of our dealings with others, both inside and outside the company, must be conducted with honesty and sincerity. We know no other way.

Positive attitude makes the difference:

We can not always control the things that happen around us, but we can control how we choose to deal with these situations. What we expect from our selves and others has a great deal to do with what we get. We maintain a positive attitude and set our expectation high.