Pradesga Indonesia would make cost estimation of the project for each job. The estimate is based on a client’s request, the desired task and provided by the client via email.

If the client asks for more work to be done from the beginning of the deal, the extra time required to make changes to the web site will be added to the invoice


Completion Date.

Pradesga Indonesia will provide the client with the expected project completion date if requested. We will strive to meet the deadline given, but we do not guarantee and isn’t tied in any way to complete the project with a predetermined time.

Pradesga Indonesia is not responsible for any delay for site development arising from client delays in delivering graphics, text and all content for web design. If a website doesn’t completed or the work was stopped by the client’s request, was paid of completed job, no refund for any cost cancellation fees will be made for unpaid projects.



Clients stated that all graphics and text including logos, trademarks and images are provided for Pradesga not violate the law and copyrights.

All images are displayed on a client’s website will only be used after authorization by the client and it is the responsibility of the client on the use and copyright. Any legal issues or claims arising from the content or the copyright of each image provided by the client will be the responsibility of the client.



Pradesga Indonesia makes no representations or warranties to the amount of traffic to client sites generated at the client site. Pradesga Indonesia didn’t make a statement and doesn’t guarantee an increase in sales of both client and pledged to be a top listing on a search engine or directory.


Online Trade Law

The client agrees that the client is responsible to comply with the law and / or the state of the online trading is done through their website and will liberate Pradesga Indonesia and subcontractors of claims, causes of action, fines, taxes, and / or tariff arising from the use of the trade online by the client.



Pradesga Indonesia will understand working with confidential client information and will only release this information to the parties directly involved in the service. Pradesga authority to provide information to third parties who require access in the service process. Covering email address user id and password, trading information, and banking information of clients.


The loss or damage.

Pradesga Indonesia doesn’t responsible for any loss, damage or corrupt files or information stored on a server or PC individuals with regard to the client website. Clients are responsible for any information or files pertaining to its web site. There will be a charge to recover the site in case of loss or corrupt of the original design.



It is the client’s responsibility to renew their domain names at maturity. If the domain name expires, Pradesga Indonesia can’t be held liable for this unless there is another agreement.


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