Eko Prasetyo


Eko Prasetyo,

He is a simple and easy going has a big responsibility on everything he has started. He also willing to help or to be voluntary on any way social and humanity.
Eko very love to learn new thing by exploring the worldwide by his hobbies as rock climber and mountain climber.

He also like to playing music, reading, down hill bike, hiking, and traveling.
Eko is very important on his family member as a good example of simple life with a big passion.
Also he is Pradesga Indonesia founder starting from single fighter as programer.
Eko is a good thinker and has good analyses experience.
Eko always learn from very little thing and more detail of everything he do.
He also like to doing design grafis after stressing him self on programing job.
He is unique and a lot of experience on programer.
We are proud to have him to be important part of Pradesga Indonesia.

To get more information about Eko Prasetyo :
phone : +62 85695404253
WhatsApp: +62 85695404253

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