1. We prepare the logo in a variety of background colors that will make it easier when business clients need to use the logo in a variety of media.
  2. Be easily regulate use of the logo by the file available in a variety of file types. Began from PNG, JPG, GIF, to TIFF.
  3. We believe that the logo is very personal and needs to obtain the appropriate client to client wishes. Therefore we provide unlimited revision to get the logo in accordance with client wishes.


  1. Subscribers are expected to provide a clear brief visual and doesn’t change when the project is nearing completion.
  2. Not the media campaign for political parties or participate in the election.
  3. Do not load photos / images which do not fit the norm in Indonesia, as well as Islamic law.
  4. We will not charge you for an extra revision Artwork as long as the Client requests for revision in accordance with the original Brief Visual and communicated within the agreed time (if any).
  5. If it is necessary to use an additional image to the media, then we will buy the image with costs that should be provided Clients that have been agreed.
  6. Project final artwork will be sent after the design approved by the Client.


  1. Starting from a brief that is clear and has been agreed, we will start the project with a prototype design.
  2. We will start with a design draft of the original concept website wireframe or a desired.
  3. If the initial concept or wireframe has been agreed then the project will proceed to the interface design.
  4. Clients can ask for revisions if the interface is not appropriate.
  5. Time frame us in the execution of the design is no more than 1 week. The Client is expected to stay on email or other contact that can be contacted to complete the design concept.
  6. Old design agreement expected no more than one week after the interface is complete.
  7. Whatever is requested by the Client as long as the interface design stage we are ready to serve.
  8. We will not reset if the revised design concept that has been agreed upon and executed for programming.
  9. The next stage will be completed and confirmed by the Project Manager when prject ready to launch the beta version.



  1. No limitation for the color change does not change the font throughout element another in website content (ex: change the background color or change the background image).
  2. For additional revision by client features given maximum limit as much as two additional types of features of what already exists in agreements of design that has been approved by the client.
  3. Request For maximal layout revisions done in one time (days) with a maximum amount of 3 parts of the website, if the client exceeds the following provisions in addition to the nominal fee wear should be agreed in advance.
  4. When the change of layout in need of follow-up such as design changes, in because of content or elements in the layout containing the image, then the revision can’t be done in a moment’s time.
  5. Client has the right to propose changes to the features / layout to the Division website frontend manager if the display doesn’t match the design that have been agreed.



  1. Clearly ask for information on request system that will be built.
  2. Provide consulting services and inputs to the system that will be built.
  3. If the system is already planned already fiks, then the system changes can’t be done anymore.
  4. If you make changes to the system when the execution reached 50% will be charged an additional cash.
  5. Request feature additions are allowed, provided it does not affect the system that has been built.
  6. If you would like to request the addition of several system features and change, so will be charged an additional cash.
  7. Division back end of checking service and revision when the application is already finished.
  8. If all is clear, and the deal as well as the already handover, then to exist in our maintenance system, but if the requested additional feature again, it will apply the cash.
  9. Thank you.